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This blog chronicles the journey of the filming of HANYUT by Malaysia's respected, award winning filmmaker, U-Wei bin HajiSaari, through the viewpoint of Dean Sham, an independent filmmaker

The Eastern River

The Eastern River

Friday, March 5, 2010

Confessions of a Lover

Excerpt from HANYUT’s Screenplay (English Version), A U-Wei bin HajiSaari film.


Do you know what is waiting for you if
you follow him? You'll be a plaything
and then a scorned slave, a drudge and
a servant, just a flight of fancy for
the man!

Nina raises her hands to stop her father from talking more.

Dain? Is it true?

We see Dain's silhouette.

By god in heaven and earth! That is a
white man's lie. I give my soul to you.
I breathe with your breath, I see with
your eyes, I think with your mind and I
give you my heart forever.

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